Marathon Top 10 ★★

1Armando Gonzalez25,000,350★★* Details below
2Jordan Dorrington20,980,450★★★★
3Jake Goldberg10,970,320★★★★
4Andrew Barrow10,301,080★★★Live at Score Wars
5Jason Strawn8,019,330★★★★
6Jacob Upland7,498,220★★★★
7Stephen Krogman6,815,500★★★★
8Mark Schult6,331,230★★★★
9Robert Fawcett5,981,710★★★★
10Brian Sevy5,241,920★★

This track is strictly Rank D/Hardest, 3 lives +20,000/70,000/70,000 extras or equivalent settings

*Armando’s score is widely recognized as the World Record, but his footage does have a gap of several minutes, where 17,000 pts and an offscreen death occur in the middle of the run, hence the 2-star rating. 2 stars does not mean a run is invalid/fake, just that the evidence pack has notable flaws that require mention and consideration.

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