Tournament Top 10

1Armando Gonzalez10,904,570★★★★
2Jordan Dorrington10,117,740★★★★
3Mike Thompson9,283,260★★★★
4Taylor Morgan9,020,500★★★★
5Stephen Krogman6,815,500★★★★
6Andrew Barrow6,169,130★★★★
7Jacob Upland5,413,710★★★★
8Jake Goldberg5,182,480★★★★
9Phillip Perea4,110,080★★★★
10Robert Fawcett3,477,570★★★★

This track uses strict settings: Rank D/Hardest, 5 Lives, no extra lives.
Differing Lives/extra life settings may be used during play, but the final score will be taken when the 5th ship is destroyed or captured as though they were played on these settings.

Also goes by “5-man,” 5 lives, etc.

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