Million Point Race Top 10

1Jacob Upland31 m 29.702 s★★★★Rank B
2Stephen Krogman32 m 17.530 s★★★Rank D
3Jordan Dorrington32 m 57.533 s★★★★Rank D
4Andrew Barrow32 m 58.399 s★★★★Rank B
5Jake Goldberg33 m 51.000 s★★★★Rank D (nearest s)
6Phillip Perea34 m 12.533 s★★★★Rank D
7Armando Gonzalez35 m 07.680 s★★★★Rank D from P2+5.84sec
8Mike Thompson36 m 14.620 s★★★Rank D from P2+5.84sec
9Sintec36 m 44.000 s★★★Rank B (nearest s)
10Mark Schult37 m 29.233 s★★★★Rank D

Any difficulty/life setting configuration may be used, Normal Fire speed only.

Any time estimations are noted. A Player 2 game with no P1 inputs starts 5.84 seconds later than simply hitting P1 Start.
This track and others are also tracked at along with other categories

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