Single Ship Top 10

1Armando Gonzalez3,468,810★★★★
2Andrew Barrow3,140,810★★★★
3Mark Schult1,803,520★★★★
4Jacob Upland1,777,150★★★★
5Phil Perea1,474,880★★★★
6Stephen Krogman1,420,040★★★★
7Jake Goldberg1,150,210★★★★
8Jesse Coe657,820★★★★
9Renegade Figueroa607,890★★★Rank A
10Rafael Malaquias584,440★★★★

This track is by default Rank D/Hardest, 3 lives +20,000/70,000/70,000 extras or equivalent settings. Normal Fire only. Other settings are noted and tracked, as well.

Ships can be captured, but cannot be joined together to form a Double Ship at any time. Should this happen, the game is immediately over at that point.

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