Marathon Top 10

1Jordan Dorrington20,980,450★★★★
2Jake Goldberg10,970,320★★★★
3Andrew Barrow10,301,080★★★Live at Score Wars
4Jason Strawn8,019,330★★★★
5Jacob Upland7,498,220★★★★
6Stephen Krogman6,815,500★★★★
7Mark Schult6,331,230★★★★
8Robert Fawcett5,981,710★★★★
9Tanner Rousseau4,780,650★★★Live at Score Wars
10George Strain4,351,080★★★★

*This track is strictly Rank D, 3+20,000/70,000/70,000 or equivalent settings
*Armando Gonzalez’s World Record claim can be found on the 2-star submission page

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