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We take a different approach with our leaderboards. Scores may be submitted to us, or may be found of our own accord. We are not ‘official’ or an ‘authority’ as an explicit goal. At the end of the day, nobody is. What the community, and individuals, see as respectable scores are what matters, and it’s not always so binary as “valid” and “invalid.” Strict rules alienate new players and unintentionally (possibly even intentionally) reject runs most people see as likely valid, just with a technical error. Loose rules allow exceptions that attract and allow fake claims and weak evidence.

Our system is simple: we suggest you always give as much evidence as possible, especially if you are submitting for a Top 10 run. We will take any score with some kind of level of evidence that is not fully rejected by the community. We will then assign 1 to 4 Stars to that submission, based on the following criteria:

★★★★ Excellent evidence, streamed live, verified, and/or unanimous community support. Would almost certainly pass any adjudication standards. For arcade, includes things like showing PCB with unbroken footage, for MAME, a WolfMAME INP is provided, and similar high confidence indicators are present with no issues.

★★★ Great evidence, though not necessarily exhaustive or flawless. Non-live video only, but from established players, etc. Still near unanimous community support. May or may not pass strict adjudication requirements. Examples include a full video, but no hand cams or PCB/INP

★★ Flawed evidence, but still likely legit. i.e. picture only of a very probable score, partial but still compelling video. Community may not be fully convinced, but does not have any strong doubts. Would likely not pass strict adjudication, but only because it doesn’t meet high evidence standards.

★ Dubious evidence. Lesser than above. Partial video not compelling by itself. Claim is disproportionate to skill/reputation. Likely needs more evidence to be taken seriously, should be considered provisional.

The same pack of evidence may result in a different star rating. I.e., a Personal Best of 100,000 with only a pic with a timestamp would be a 2-star. It’s likely legitimate, but there’s not a whole lot of evidence. But the same evidence to claim a 5,000,000 from a player who has never played at that level will be a 1-star. World Record claims are expected to meet high standards, and therefore are most likely to lose stars.

Discussions of moving ratings can always be done on Discord. The default setting will be 3+ Star submissions, setting a high, but not overly critical, bar. But if anyone would like to view 2+ or all submissions, those will be provided, too. The Leaderboard, at the end of the day, is up to the user and what they consider valid enough to be taken seriously.

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